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Filming Andy at work


A documentary film about the making of Scottish artist Andy McIntosh’s Taiwan exhibition will be presented at a special screening in Taipei in October 2014. Andy McIntosh is collaborating with film-maker Michal Korzonek, a student of film at Queen Margaret University, to produce an insight into his creative journey, as he prepares for his first international exhibition.

In October 2014, Andy will present 12 unique artworks at the Yosifu Contemporary Art Centre in Taipei, Taiwan. The work, all assemblage sculpture using a range of scrap metal, concrete and ink, will demonstrate Andy’s passion for recycling and storytelling as well as showcasing his innovative concrete printing technique.

The film will not only show Andy’s artistic process, it will also provide a realistic reflection of his life as a Scottish artist. It will present Andy’s inspirations, hopes, successes, disappointments and development in the making of the exhibition.

Michal has followed Andy to capture original footage from all aspects of the creative journey:

  • In the scrap yard, searching for metals
  • On road trips, sourcing original materials from across Scotland
  • At the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, using the latest cutting technology
  • In his own workshop, planning and constructing work
  • And at home, enjoying family time

Michal’s film will be presented in Taipei at a special screening designed to introduce Andy’s work  to a new international audience. The film is intended to be a creative experience that adds value to the artwork on display. It will allow the audience to visit Andy’s world many miles away and better understand the processes and messages in his work.

Michal and Andy are also keen to share the documentary film with other audiences at home and overseas. Art centres and galleries interested in showing Andy’s work and Michal’s film should contact Claire McIntosh on 0131 312 6841 or email