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Inside Artists

Inside Artists

I managed to get featured in this summer’s Inside Artists publication. Inside Artists is a quarterly international contemporary arts and culture magazine, showcasing talented emerging artists and upcoming exhibitions to industry leaders and art lovers alike. Copies are sent out to over 600 of the UK’s top galleries and agencies, directly to curators and directors. Digital copies are also sent to curators and directors at over 400 galleries across selected European cities and over 600 USA galleries. The magazine is also available to read for free online, targeting over 185,000+ readers worldwide each issue. Their mission statement is:

“We believe art to be one of the most important parts of humanity and culture. It inspires, guides and challenges us, making people and society better and happier. Art should be accessible for everyone, as well as the opportunity to experience viewing work directly from the artist’s perspective.

Our publication encourages the contemporary arts by connecting artists, galleries and exhibitions to industry leaders and art lovers alike.”

“An artwork can be made of many things: paint and pencil, glass and stone, photograph and frame. Not least of all, an artwork is made from the artist; and is a piece of them the same as a limb or part of their personality.

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In many ways, no matter the subject matter or medium, the artist is ever-present in the work. Sometimes this can be seen physically; in the marks of fingerprints left in clay, or in the expressive brushstrokes on a canvas. Just like a self-portrait, these traces act as a record of the artist, suspended in time.

It can also be seen conceptually in the inspirations and influences, in the decisions of colour, form and composition, materiality and display. The thought processes that lead to a final piece can only ever be unique to the person who created it, and as a viewer we get a glimpse into their mind and soul. The artwork is a true extension of the artist.”

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