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It is an honour to be invited to participate in Gallery 23’s summer exhibition Reuse, Reinvent, Reimagine. The exhibition will take place from 10-28 August, to coincide with Edinburgh’s festival season, at the Gallery’s West End location at 23 Atholl Crescent.

Reuse, Reinvent, Reimagine, along with a series of accompanying events is intended to highlight some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems: the inability of humankind to effectively cope with the disposal of the vast amounts of household and industrial waste and the destruction of the natural world for profit and pleasure. In particular, the exhibition will explore how contemporary artists in Scotland are engaging with environmental issues today and the manner in which these ideas can be implemented into agents of change.

The artists exhibiting in Reuse, Reinvent, Reimagine employ a variety of found, recycled and traditional art materials to navigate the contemporary political landscape, while simultaneously speaking to the plight of the contemporary human condition amidst such environmental chaos. The exhibition will seek to place visitors in a site of alternate transformation—a space in which ideas regarding the natural world and leftover products of human consumption will be challenged and remade. The exhibition aims to inspire a collective community conversation that can lead to action and societal change.

Gallery 23 is a registered Fringe venue.